Recently WLS made a sweet little film about a girl moving into her first real home... and the demon who already lives there. It was a super fun project, and we are excited to announce it has four festival Official Selections. Can't wait to share more about it with you all. 🖤A big thanks to the Foster for Foster Drive-In Film Festival, ID. The Idaho Horror Film Festival. Bleedingham Horror Film Festival, WA and in Belgium, Night of The Horror Festival.  When you get a sec, check them out.  

Horror/Dark Comedy Feature                                                               Miranda, an online personality who produces tutorials on mermaid makeup transformations, has reached the next level in her career. Her newfound success has created an opportunity for her to expand her reach and place more focus on her brand. She’s decided to do that, she’ll need help, and so she begins the search for a production assistant. She finds Todd, a young self-starter, eager to help her identify ways to grow her business. During the interview process, things take an unexpected turn, and Todd finds himself in  a very dangerous situation.

The Fishnet Hypothesis - Trailer